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With our training programs, medical interpreters are able to facilitate communication during health care encounters and increase awareness of and respect for patients’ cultural perspectives.

Training Schedule
A complete list of currently offered training courses with locations, dates, times. 

Medical Interpreting Course 
Our 60-hour Fundamentals of Medical Interpreting course trains bilingual health care staff and volunteers to perform the role of medical interpreter in accordance with the national standards of practice and code of ethics, as developed by the National Council on Interpreting and Health Care.

Advanced Medical Interpreter Training
Trained medical interpreters who want to increase their proficiency in specific clinical topics are eligible to participate in our continuing education programs for interpreters.

Customized Medical Interpreter Training
We develop customized, on-site medical interpreter training programs, based on the size, complexity, and individual needs of our clients.   

Cultural Awareness Consulting
Our team conducts comprehensive cultural awareness assessments and cross-cultural training for health care organizations interested in improving their staff members’ cultural competence.  

Conference for Medical Interpreters
Our annual conference, Paving the Way to Health Care Access, offers continuing education on improving language access. The event provides an opportunity for a necessary dialogue about the linguistic and cultural issues involved in the day-to-day work of caring for individuals and families with limited English proficiency, in a health care environment. 

Train the Trainer
We train qualified medical interpreters to teach our comprehensive Fundamentals of Medical Interpreter course. 


Massachusetts Medical Interpreter Training

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